Kook to bed

I was just putting the little kook down for the night.  It was dark and cool, her white noise was going, I was standing with her cradled across my body, swaying and singing next to her crib.  Flashing back to when she first arrived.  We didn’t have room for a rocking chair so we would just stand, sway and stare.  I can’t believe now how tired my arms get holding her almost 30 pounds of cute. I can’t believe how much she curls around my waist as opposed to fitting in the crooks of my arms.  I can’t believe that she now requests songs.  AND sings along.

We are getting her a big girl bed for Christmas.  I am so excited but tonight I was imagining what the night time routine might look like with her new bed and a blog post came to mind from another mommy blogger.  (I can’t remember where exactly, sorry…not good blog etiquette to have no link…) It was about how sometimes we don’t realize we’re experiencing something for the last time until after the fact.  She gave an example of holding her son on her hip.  One day she just thought “I haven’t held him on my hip in so long…and now he’s really too big.”  As I was holding Penelope, swaying, it hit me.  When we switch to a big girl bed we will most likely tuck her in, then pray and sing, all while lying in bed together, which will be beautiful in it’s own way but it seems like the time of cradling and swaying my baby are coming to an end and I can’t believe it.


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