What’s a diet?

Hey. Been awhile. Let’s jump right in, shall we? 

Chase and I are trying our best to eat healthier.  Be more mindful of what we are fueling (or not fueling) our bodies with.  Hopefully, teaching our little how to eat WELL, which, I’m realizing, doesn’t just mean putting A LOT of food into your bod but a variety of good-for-you foods. In our quest to figure it all out we hope to loose some weight and maybe repair our guts.

In the month of August we are aiming to eat no grain or dairy.  After following our rules for 4 days then cheating our butts off for 3 days (more like 2.5 days 😉 We are back on track!  We’re not giving up just because we had a weak moment…(ok, a ton of weak moments)  We are going to keep on truckin’.  

I’m pretty sure nobody is out there reading this and that’s fine.  I can pretend that there are readers holding us accountable.  And that might just help. 


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