Penny Post!

Penny has developed some adorable, new ‘moves’.  (I cannot think of word…)

1) she has started testing the hardness of objects with her head.  Seriously. She will be crawling around and it usually starts with her bumping into something then she stops, looks at it, and will gently head-butt it over and over again.

2) She won’t let me lay her down in my arms to rock her to sleep anymore (dad says he can but she will not do it for mom!) so I hold her upright, and she will lay her sweet lil’ head on my chest.  And if that weren’t enough to completely liquefy my heart then, when she’s genuinely ready to fall asleep, she follows that up with rubbing her face back and forth on my chest, burrowing her hands down by her tummy, and somehow walking her feet up me enough to push her tiny bottom out.  Basically she recreates her favored sleep position upright, in my arms. And it is every bit as cute as you’re picturing in your mind. 😀

3) She is really really good at handing things to you. Well, maybe not to YOU.  But to mom and dad.  We will sit there for a good hour sometimes just handing something back and forth.  OOO, if she finds a piece of paper that I let her tear up then she just loves to tear pieces off and hand them to me.  She also enjoys the occasional trick, pretending to hand me something then snatching it back at the last moment!  She’s a lil’ trickster that way.

4) She has mastered going up the stairs, maybe I mentioned that in my last post but what I couldn’t have mentioned is that she has practically mastered going DOWN the stairs too.  And not that easy way (falling head over tush) but the way we’ve been showing her. Turning backwards and putting your feet down first.  It’s really neat to see her learning!!!  She is becoming quite a climber in general.  She can almost climb up on the couch by herself and she can get down by herself and she can climb on the bed and off by herself!

5) She definitely likes to empty containers. She loves to take things out but hasn’t quite developed an affinity for putting items back.  That’s ok. We’re working on it.

6) I got a nanny job!  It is for a sweet little 3-month-old baby girl.  Penny looooooooves her but she doesn’t understand how to be gentle yet so I have to keep an eye on her or she will climb on top of her in her swing or crawl over her to get to the other side of the room or smack her in the face out of joy.  Lots of opportunities to teach gentleness! 🙂

In other Penny news:

She had her first bloody injury last week.  And it was every bit as terrifying as I imagined it would be.  She is totally fine though.  She was in the bath tub standing up and fell and hit her mouth on the side of the tub.  I was right there but couldn’t stop it.  So I was forced to confront the reality that I cannot save her from every unpleasant experience in life.  It sucked.  ANYwho, she stopped bleeding and back to her old self again in a matter of minutes. WHEW!

That’s all for now.  And a few photos OF COURSE!

First teeth!  Only took 10 months.   She has only been a tad bit fussier. She's a trooper this one. :D

First teeth! Only took 10 months. She has only been a tad bit fussier. She’s a trooper this one. 😀

Playing in mud for the first time at nana and papa's house. In her Sunday best, of course!

Playing in mud for the first time at nana and papa’s house. In her Sunday best, of course!

IMG_7714 IMG_7739 IMG_7774 IMG_7837

pig tails!

pig tails!


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