MONDAY: weekend recap

We had plans to go to Salt Lake, surprise surprise, for the whole weekend but plans got switched up so we ended up just going for the day on Sunday. We made it for church, stopped shortly at a friends open house baby shower (her twin girls were born 10 weeks early!!! And they only had to be in the NICU for 4 weeks! They were going home Sunday and it was a day to celebrate answered prayers and healthy preemies!) After that my BFFs (Laurie and my daughter) went to Trader Joe’s.  We snack a lot at our house and if we aren’t going to go totally raw, vegan, organic, vegetarian, live etc. we could atleast find some healthier versions of our favorite tasties.  And we did. And I even stayed in my budget. SO THERE…NO ONE!  We went back to Laur’s after that to chill and chill we did! Follow that up with dinner at the parents and, possibly the most exciting part, picking up and taking our big niece home with us, and you’ve got yourself a pretty freakin’ sweet Sunday.  🙂

Oh, what’s that you ask? What did we do with our free time in Logan?  I’m so glad you asked. Not really. We didn’t do anything. It was glorious but not really blog-post worthy.  I will mention that Penny let us sleep until 11:00. Boom.  🙂

and a photo for good measure.


this was for a father’s day gift that turned out like sickeningly sweet, if I do say so myself! 😉


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