MONDAY: weekend recap

Another pleasant weekend under the belt.  It was a weekend spent away from our current town where we know no one (all for lack of trying.) A weekend filled with friend time and family time. Here are the highlights listed below (I love lists!)

  • Gender reveal par-ta!: our very good friends are havin’ a baby! They are due in December and found out the sex of the baby and threw a lil’ shindig to announce the exciting news…IT’S A GIRL! Yep, Penny’s getting a gal pal! 😀
  • Family photo session: We had family photos taken by our suuuuuuper talented friend at Fresh Air Photography – Check ’em out!
  • Attending church at Risen Life: We love what we consider our home church. Since we moved, finding a new church has been one of the most difficult changes. I’ve attended Risen Life for my entire 26 years on this planet so going to any other church is taking some adjusting and I always enjoy being back in my comfort zone. 😉 


mama – to – be!


Papa – to – be


OH so excited to find out what they’re having!!! We actually look surprised, crazed and SUPER happy!


It takes a little explaining, but they hid a baby doll the color of the gender (pink for girl or blue for boy) in one of 48 cupcakes! It has to do with the Mexican holiday, Kings Day, which we celebrate together every year, for the past few years. It was the perfect way to announce. 😀


The old wives tales predicted a girl. The votes of the people were dead even.


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