No Shave But A Haircut

The lil’ cuckoo bird went in for her first hair cut last weekend!  

We, mainly dad, was a bit apprehensive because we are quite attached to her baby hair.  Some people might think that’s silly but Penny’s got some special baby hair. She came into this world with a bunch of very dark brown hair and since then it’s just just been growing out blond, leaving her with brown tips. So we will know for sure when her brown fetus hair is gone and it will be a pretty sad day for us, growing up and changing and all that.

Anyhow, we went to a place called Cookie Cutters in Centerville (shout out to my homies).  It’s a kid-specific hair salon.  Yes, I paid $13 for someone to snip about three of a 9-month-old’s hairs.  And not that I NEED to explain my decisions regarding my daughter and what lay atop her baby head but, in case you were wondering why I would do something so silly….here are my reasons in list form.

  • I took a huge chunk out of Chases hair a week before our wedding doing something as simple as shaving it all over. 
  • I was not about to live with the guilt of nicking my baby girl’s neck. Sure, she would forget about it at the first sight of something shiny but it would stick with me FOR-EV-ER!
  • I got a money tree growing in my spare room. It’s next to my calorie extractor. 

It was a pretty sweet experience.  The girl that did the cutting was very nice, very patient, had toys at the ready and, of course, a big blue car with a working horn for the kook to sit in style.  And, the cherry on top, she left with a big ‘ol pink balloon.  Oh yeah, and we didn’t even loose all of her beautiful brown tips. WHEW



can you see the blond with brown tips? oh so sweet.


before. a tad overexposed, but boy do her eyes look crazy blue huh?


AFTER. Happy girl!

ImageImageImageImage ImageImageImage



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