a family doing fun stuff

We (the husband, the kid and I) actually went out last night and attended a city-sponsored activity! It was pioneer day (or pie and beer day depending…) so I found out where they were shooting off fire works and they also happened to be playing a movie.  So, in an attempt to get out of the apartment, do something different, and try to enjoy this town that we wish we weren’t living it most of the time, we packed up some pillows and blankets went to Elk Ridge Park for some Toy Story and fire works. 


I gotta say, I have never had a fireworks in the park night go so smoothly! 

We went to dinner at Chilli’s (our favorite! And we got a FREE DESSERT coupon from a kind lady at a nearby table.) then we headed to the park. We had no trouble finding a parking spot, got there just as the movie was starting, found a spot to sit easily with a great view of the movie and almost front row seats for the fireworks! It was a rather short fireworks display but it was pretty great! After, we packed up and found the car semi-easily, and got out of the parking lot and home in 10 minutes. a very uncomplicated and pleasant evening.  

Penny was up past her bed time for sure but she was genuinely enjoying herself. Between the movie, the fireworks and all the people, she didn’t know where to look. She only knew not to look at the camera! 😉


watching the movie while standing like a rock star!


the family


watching kiddos run around



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