catching up on a Tuesday afternoon

My lil’ kook is dreaming away in her crib so, instead of getting housework done, I am choosing to finally sit down and blog about my visit with my family!  I feel good about this decision.

My mom (from Utah), grandma (from Iowa), great aunt (from Iowa) and aunt (from Arkansas) all came to visit us in Logan for a day and then the little one and I went with them to Boise, ID to visit my great uncle (although he prefers “Awesome uncle” now) and cousins and all sorts of other family members that I had never met before.

This was the first time for them all to meet Penny Pie. Shockingly, they loved her! (that was sarcasm ladies and gents.)  Special time.

There was oh so much shopping!  We visited flea markets, thrift shops, antique stores, malls, department stores. We even made a stop at a farmers market, which was FANTASTIC! (more on that later.)

We got to go out to a lot of dinners and lunches. I love going out to eat!  No clean up and it’s almost always better than what I’d make at home. Plus, my relatives were unbelieveably generous and footed most of the bills. 😉 THANKS FAM!

A definite highlight was seeing my cousin, really he’s a second cousin or something…he’s my mom’s cousin…but it doesn’t matter, he is just a year older than me and I found out that he has a daughter just a couple of months younger than my daughter! He and his girlfriend are really nice and we enjoyed talking with them but the real treat had to be introducing the girls to each other. As my mom retells it: “Annabelle pulled Penny’s hair and Penny slapped Annabelle in the face.”  It was all baby-strength pulling and slapping so It was more cute and less violent than it sounds. My girl loves babies and other little kids, she gets so excited when she sees them.

What else did we do..We went to my awesome uncle Bill’s house and had a bbq. There was croquet played but not by me. I wanted to just walk around and inject myself into all the different conversations happening and make sure the day was all well documented (check and check.) I especially enjoyed meeting and talking with my AUB’s girlfriend, Batina. ( I wanna be her bestie she’s so cool.)

Later that night we went to hear my AUB’s band play at a bar they rock regularly. (And,yes, I am using ‘rock’ as a verb. Deal with it.) I had never heard him play before so it was quite a treat. He plays about 50 instruments so it was hard not to enjoy it and be just sickeningly impressed. Grandma Sue stayed at the hotel with the cuckoo bird so that I could go with my aunts and grandma. We met some great folks, very friendly and welcoming and just plain fun! They got us all out on the dance floor. (My grandma apparently used to go dancing all the time, that’s where she met her husband, and it shows! She’s got moves.)

The farmers market was absolutely a high point. I didn’t know what to expect really, I’ve never been to one, but I had an image in my mind of hippies and drums and granola (not very fair but there it is.) There was definitely some of that but, man oh man, there was SO much more. First of all, it was MASSIVE! I mean like a giant ‘t’ covering downtown Boise. There were copious amounts of samples, no one had to pay for lunch that day, but we did still “have” to buy a few treats. All in all we tried:

  • organic salsa
  • what was basically a giant cruton covered in garlic seasoning and parmeasan cheese
  • freshly made doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar and bavarian cream
  • giant raspberry and peach oatmeal bar
  • organic almond butter
  • some sort of spicy almonds
  • some waffle cookies from the Netherlands called Stroopwafels (had to ‘bing’ that one)
  • hawaiian sea salt chocolate-covered caramel (this was not at the farmers market but it was nearby)

And the street performers, some talented peeps on that street. We saw a girl creating and selling art (drawings) to buy more art supplies. Another young girl was singing to save up to go to Nashville, I think, to become a singer. Then there was the man singing while dressed, from the waist up, in black tie wear and, from the waist down, almost hiking apparel. A couple of ladies playing the guitar and cello were providing a different sound, good different. There was also a group of belly dancers, a mediocre break dancer, a balloon animal maker and a couple of teens singing and playing guitar. Honestly, I felt very inspired. I wanted my photos to be superbly artsy fartsy that day.

We also passed a splash pad/fountain at one point, hordes of children running through it, and Penelope practically built and eject button to shoot herself out of her stroller to get to them! Okay, I’m exaggertaing but she did stare the scene down and lean waaaaay out of her stroller the whole time we were near it. She’s cute. And was very tired this whole trip. Basically no naps but she made it through and was distracted enough to be her charming, bright-eyed self the whole time.

All in all it was a really nice time. I haven’t seen some of this family in 10+ years so there was much needed catching up to be done. I didn’t really realize what a pleasant family I had. When it was nearing time to say good-bye my aunt and I were talking and, while I can’t quite remember the conversation word for word one of us basically said “wouldn’t it be nice if we lived closer to each other and could see each other more often?” And one of us replied “Yeah. But then we wouldn’t appreciate the time together so much.” Truth on both ends.

That kinda covers it. It was great and as much as I’d love to ramble on I also want to insert a million photos. Enjoy!


sitting in the back with my sweet lil kook was super fun!


I could drag this out but I won’t. A very kind lady saw Penny was bored and just gave her not one but TWO of her dolls that she was selling! Thank you Edna! 😀


first cookie. So sweet on so many levels.

Awesome Uncle Bill or AUB as a random lady on facebook suggested.

Awesome Uncle Bill or AUB as a random lady on facebook suggested.

dancing to "Those Guys"

dancing to “Those Guys”

I don't have a lot of photos of just me and Cuckoo bird so my mom made sure to get some.

I don’t have a lot of photos of just me and Cuckoo bird so my mom made sure to get some.


such a tired girl but she seemed to enjoy herself all the same.

such a tired girl but she seemed to enjoy herself all the same.

inspiration at the farmers market

inspiration at the farmers market

great-grandma's time with Penelope Kate

great-grandma’s time with Penelope Kate

swimming and pointing with dad

swimming and pointing with dad







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