4th of July campout!

We went with husband man’s family to Huntington Lake to celebrate the 4th of July AND the coming together of the Everett family!

We met up with Chases maternal side of the family for a family reunion/4th of July celebration camp out! Pretty Efficient. The Everetts don’t all get together as regularly as they used to, it sounds like, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of their past couple of reunions. The last one was in April and true to Utah Spring weather, it was quite snowy! Yay. PSYCH! The families for the most part spent all their time separated in their own trailers. Not how these things usually go…

Not so much with this years reunion. Utah Julys…HOT HOT HOT! So all of the families were huddled in the shade together which was perfection.

I’m proud to say that my mother-in-law put quite a bit of work into this little get-together and it turned out SO well. It was a lot of fun. There was a bean bag competition (my sister-in-law and I were slaughtered…), an auction, a potluck, volleyball, digging for prizes for the kids, a great view, kiddie pool, and a rather creative competition where teams of two had to unroll a FROZEN t-shirt and put it on a third teammate (my sister-in-law and I got doubly slaughtered in this one too…) Despite the few hours of fairly extreme heat in the afternoons, the lack of napping, and the tent-crumbling thunder storms at night, it was a very successful camping trip. And this is coming from someone who admittedly does not love camping. 🙂

-Watching my 3.5-year-old niece bid on, and win, a bubble machine
-Watching said Niece play with bubble machine
-Running through the storm to gather bedtime necessities from the tent, then waiting out the storm in the trailer with my BIL & SIL
-Meeting and liking new people and realizing what an amusing family I married into 😉
















IMG_58884th of July campout!


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