Weekend recap

This weekend we stayed in town, that’s rare these days.  We miss our friends in SLC so we go and visit quite frequently, about every weekend.  Since there wasn’t anything going on in SLC that we HAD to be there for we decided to stay in town.  And just to brag about how blessed we are, we had friends visit US Friday night AND Saturday!  

Saturday was especially special for me because I got to spend some quality time with my nieces. Which is always needed. I remember when my big niece was born (3.5 years ago now!) and I was so looking forward to how we would bond and how she would light up when I came to visit.  It seemed so far off in the future the first time I held her in my arms.  But that time is here!  😀  I feel such a bond with her.  Some highlights from my time with the big niece were when we played on the slide at our apartment complex. It’s a tube slide and I’m every so slightly claustrophobic so I was not planning on entering the tube of horror but the big niece said “Okay. I’ll go and then you go.”  And I was so touched that she wanted to play with me and so proud that she was taking turns, a true sign of a big girl, so I said ok but that if I got stuck she would have to come rescue me.  Of course she replied, “yes, I will come get you!” And it made me feel a lot better to know I had her looking out for me so I tossed myself DOWN that slide without another thought! What a rush! I definitely felt like I’d conquered a fear.  Then we repeated it all over again but this time when I climbed to the top of the slide we had a conversation that went like this:

LIV: Bug!

ME: Uh-oh! If I slide down will I squish it with my bum?
LIV: YES! Wait!

ME: AH! Will you get ride of it? Tell it to get outta here!
LIV: YOU GO AWAY BUG! I will get it. (then she proceeded to get a stick and shoo the bug off of the slide)

She’s so brave.   😀

We had fun picking leaves off of the trees from the balcony, building paper boats to float in the tub, reading books and eating popsicles. *sigh* I always have such fun with her! I love even just watching her. She is such a smart lil’ lady!

I’m working on bonding with the little niece. (The VERY little niece. Her doctor referred to her as ‘compact’ at her last appointment.) She’s SO adorably compact. She still looks bigger and bigger every time I see her.  She is one happy baby, always smiling and she’s starting to ‘talk’, which is so much fun to listen to. She is one quiet baby though. Her cries, her vocalizing, she is just not that loud.  I love to see her developing and learning, it makes me think of Penny, since she was there just a couple of months ago!  I look forward to seeing Penny and Sam grown up together, being 3ish months apart I’d like to think they will be great friends.

Chase’s brother and his wife, Nate and Breana, were there too. 😉  It’s nice to hang out with the adults.  The kids are definitely some fun added entertainment though.  Lots of laughter and snacks and toys, such a great time and we didn’t even have to leave our apartment!

Sunday was spent being suuuuuuuuuper lazy. Just….like….so freakin’ lazy. We slept in as late as Penny would allow (new parenting 101: just because you plan on staying up late and sleeping in doesn’t mean baby does.) and we stayed in bed until about 2:00pm then video games were played, So You Think You Can Dance was watched…eventually we went on a hot HOT walk to Wendy’s where we got a frosty and then on over to the redbox to rent “Warm Bodies”. (Fun show. Just kinda silly and fun.) It was a good day. It doesn’t happen that way too often anymore so I’m not the least bit ashamed. ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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