Entering the blogosphere


Here I am. 11:47pm on a Friday night. My tummy grumbling. ‘The Bachelorette’ playing in my earphones. Husband man video-gaming. My little cuckoo bird sleeping with her bum up in the air. Starting my blog. It feels good. I love to type. Little known fact about me. I’m not THAT interesting but I think that that’s an interesting fact. If you wanna dig a little deeper, I think I enjoy it so much because I’m good at it. I enjoy activities that I’m good at. And, on the flip side wouldn’t you know, I DON’T enjoy activities that I’m NOT good at. Getting to know me.  I am actually doing this thing (I canNOT think of the word) where you just write. You don’t think you just write. And write and keep writing. I remember doing it in my college english classes. It’s pretty cathartic (pause to look up the word: cathartic to make sure I’m using it correctly. Internet is down. Can’t look up the meaning of the word cathartic…or even to double check that I am spelling it the right way.  Let’s see if I can do this on my own…writing is…thereaputic…it can be relaxing. It can be just what I need to de-stress. Get all my little worries out. Calm my mind.  


Ok. Enough with the writing assignment. 


I am starting this blog for a couple of reasons. 1) I am a newish stay-at-home mom and I’m finding that I don’t use my brain all that much…as a result it’s….going…dumb…er….see?  So I think writing will challenge me and get me thinking.  Get me braining again. 2) Hello? It’s a great way to keep friends and families updated on what’s happening with you your people!


There will be much talk of my family and friends and just what we are doing/have done/going to do. PLENTY of photos of the little lady will be thrown up. Also expect my random thoughts on anything and everything.  AND fashion! I love fashion so I’ll be sharing all sorts of fashion-y stuff. Just for funsies.  If none of that interests you then, by all means, don’t read this.  That’s the B-E-A-UTY of the web log (blog), I can write and write and write and you can read or not. I don’t ever need to know how ignored my blog is. 😀  Ignorance is bliss and all that. 

That is all for tonight. It is now 12:16am and I am going to find something to quiet my screamingly empty stomach…a TRUE midnight snack!  



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