Kook to bed

I was just putting the little kook down for the night.  It was dark and cool, her white noise was going, I was standing with her cradled across my body, swaying and singing next to her crib.  Flashing back to when she first arrived.  We didn’t have room for a rocking chair so we would just stand, sway and stare.  I can’t believe now how tired my arms get holding her almost 30 pounds of cute. I can’t believe how much she curls around my waist as opposed to fitting in the crooks of my arms.  I can’t believe that she now requests songs.  AND sings along.

We are getting her a big girl bed for Christmas.  I am so excited but tonight I was imagining what the night time routine might look like with her new bed and a blog post came to mind from another mommy blogger.  (I can’t remember where exactly, sorry…not good blog etiquette to have no link…) It was about how sometimes we don’t realize we’re experiencing something for the last time until after the fact.  She gave an example of holding her son on her hip.  One day she just thought “I haven’t held him on my hip in so long…and now he’s really too big.”  As I was holding Penelope, swaying, it hit me.  When we switch to a big girl bed we will most likely tuck her in, then pray and sing, all while lying in bed together, which will be beautiful in it’s own way but it seems like the time of cradling and swaying my baby are coming to an end and I can’t believe it.


What’s a diet?

Hey. Been awhile. Let’s jump right in, shall we? 

Chase and I are trying our best to eat healthier.  Be more mindful of what we are fueling (or not fueling) our bodies with.  Hopefully, teaching our little how to eat WELL, which, I’m realizing, doesn’t just mean putting A LOT of food into your bod but a variety of good-for-you foods. In our quest to figure it all out we hope to loose some weight and maybe repair our guts.

In the month of August we are aiming to eat no grain or dairy.  After following our rules for 4 days then cheating our butts off for 3 days (more like 2.5 days 😉 We are back on track!  We’re not giving up just because we had a weak moment…(ok, a ton of weak moments)  We are going to keep on truckin’.  

I’m pretty sure nobody is out there reading this and that’s fine.  I can pretend that there are readers holding us accountable.  And that might just help. 

Penny Post!

Penny has developed some adorable, new ‘moves’.  (I cannot think of word…)

1) she has started testing the hardness of objects with her head.  Seriously. She will be crawling around and it usually starts with her bumping into something then she stops, looks at it, and will gently head-butt it over and over again.

2) She won’t let me lay her down in my arms to rock her to sleep anymore (dad says he can but she will not do it for mom!) so I hold her upright, and she will lay her sweet lil’ head on my chest.  And if that weren’t enough to completely liquefy my heart then, when she’s genuinely ready to fall asleep, she follows that up with rubbing her face back and forth on my chest, burrowing her hands down by her tummy, and somehow walking her feet up me enough to push her tiny bottom out.  Basically she recreates her favored sleep position upright, in my arms. And it is every bit as cute as you’re picturing in your mind. 😀

3) She is really really good at handing things to you. Well, maybe not to YOU.  But to mom and dad.  We will sit there for a good hour sometimes just handing something back and forth.  OOO, if she finds a piece of paper that I let her tear up then she just loves to tear pieces off and hand them to me.  She also enjoys the occasional trick, pretending to hand me something then snatching it back at the last moment!  She’s a lil’ trickster that way.

4) She has mastered going up the stairs, maybe I mentioned that in my last post but what I couldn’t have mentioned is that she has practically mastered going DOWN the stairs too.  And not that easy way (falling head over tush) but the way we’ve been showing her. Turning backwards and putting your feet down first.  It’s really neat to see her learning!!!  She is becoming quite a climber in general.  She can almost climb up on the couch by herself and she can get down by herself and she can climb on the bed and off by herself!

5) She definitely likes to empty containers. She loves to take things out but hasn’t quite developed an affinity for putting items back.  That’s ok. We’re working on it.

6) I got a nanny job!  It is for a sweet little 3-month-old baby girl.  Penny looooooooves her but she doesn’t understand how to be gentle yet so I have to keep an eye on her or she will climb on top of her in her swing or crawl over her to get to the other side of the room or smack her in the face out of joy.  Lots of opportunities to teach gentleness! 🙂

In other Penny news:

She had her first bloody injury last week.  And it was every bit as terrifying as I imagined it would be.  She is totally fine though.  She was in the bath tub standing up and fell and hit her mouth on the side of the tub.  I was right there but couldn’t stop it.  So I was forced to confront the reality that I cannot save her from every unpleasant experience in life.  It sucked.  ANYwho, she stopped bleeding and back to her old self again in a matter of minutes. WHEW!

That’s all for now.  And a few photos OF COURSE!

First teeth!  Only took 10 months.   She has only been a tad bit fussier. She's a trooper this one. :D

First teeth! Only took 10 months. She has only been a tad bit fussier. She’s a trooper this one. 😀

Playing in mud for the first time at nana and papa's house. In her Sunday best, of course!

Playing in mud for the first time at nana and papa’s house. In her Sunday best, of course!

IMG_7714 IMG_7739 IMG_7774 IMG_7837

pig tails!

pig tails!

Penny Post

So my daughter (I STILL can’t believe IIIIIIIIII have a daughter!) is very quickly approaching the 1 year mark of life on this planet. Woah. Can we just mull over this for a minute?

a minute later…

Nope, still can’t wrap my head around it.  I’ll stop trying I think.

She is 10 months old and here are a few of her more notable behaviors:

-she starting to dance whenever she hears music. I cannot describe in words how delightfully entertaining it is.  She’s got moves which, despite my years of dance training, come from her dad.  Dance parties are quite frequent around here these days.

– I love love love when she is looking at something that is bringing her such joy and then she looks back at me with an enormous grin on her face, as if she’s saying “Are you seeing this? This is great!” 

– She wakes up completely happy. Like, right away. She opens her eyes, sits right up, and giggles! Full on giggles! While I DO hope this doesn’t mean that she’s a morning person, it’s a pretty fantastic way to wake up. 😀  Chase especially appreciates it, although it makes it harder for him to leave for work a lot of days. 

– She can stand up all on her own and she can also slowly squat back down to sitting position. She’s got seriously buff baby legs.

– She’s waving. And her wave is the most adorable wave I’ve ever seen. It’s all floppy and to no one in particular ever and always accompanied by a toothless grin. Plus she’s my kid so everything she does is special and unique and the most adorable. 😉

– We are honored to have my big niece, Liv, staying with us this week. I have ABSOLUTELY LOVED seeing her and Penny interact. Sometimes Liv will ask for Penny when she’s napping and sometimes she tells me that Penny should ‘go take a nap now’ when Penny is awake. For the most part Liv loves her and is great at keeping an eye on her and making her laugh. AND sharing her toys, even though it’s obviously difficult for her. Chase noticed tonight how Penny will actually stay in one place when Liv is near. I looooooooooooove it! It makes me so excited for them to grow up together (and to have more kids. Don’t tell Chase. 😉 

– She is close to walking which means she has got the crawling thing DOWN. She will start to crawl at a reasonable pace somewhere and if she thinks that you are coming after her she starts a-flyin’! I mean, I can’t just walk and catch up to her she’s so fast on all fours! I love when she looks back at you and then laughs and takes off full speed ahead.  It’s can cure any irritability I may have been experiencing. 

– When she’s on the grass she will crawl with her feet on the ground and butt in the air. I guess she doesn’t like the feel of the grass on her knees.  (BREASTFEEDING NOTE WARNING: she nurses in this position too HA!)

– She is very independent already I feel like.  She loves to feed herself. I will scoop out some food with her spoon and she will yank the spoon out of my hand only to turn it upside down and spill the food down her shirt front before actually making it to her mouth. It’s wonderfully funny sometimes and down right stressful other times. Depending on how late we are running. 

Some other random notes for the out of town family:


She has about the same sleep schedule she did when she was first born.  Goes down at 7:30ish, wakes around 12:00amish for a feeding then right back down, same thing at 5:00amish. Wakes for ‘good’ around 7:00amish to say good bye to dad and eat some solids then back down for morning nap around 8:00amish. People keep asking me if she’s a good sleeper.  I say yes but it’s definitely not the 12 hours at a time I keep hearing about from other people…  It was great for a newborn. 😉 (SIDENOTE: this is NOT the case when she’s traveling. Ask me if she’s a good sleeper when we’re traveling…………no.)


She is trying lots of different solid foods. She demands that we share whatever it is we are eating. She and the dog are bonding over her inevitable tossing of food on the floor (the only time the dog really shows any interest in her.) She likes MOST foods but is definitely developing distinct likes and dislikes. Loves oatmeal and any fruit mashed up.  Doesn’t ever seem to enjoy meats. 


She is skinny and long.  Went from 75th percentile in weight to 25th percentile in 3 months. At the last doctor’s appointment the doc said “She’s still stringing out huh?” But she is perfectly healthy and oh so happy! 


She seems to enjoy dolls, shoes and LOOOOVES her cousin Olivia’s music box. Likes hanging out outside.  She enjoys swimming and we’ve recently introduced the slide, which received indifferent reviews, and the swing, which she super duper enjoyed. 😀 And she is really interested in other kids. Babies and her big cousin Liv especially. 

I’ll think of more to share later but it will be too late. I’ll close with some PHOTOS. 


MONDAY: weekend recap

We had plans to go to Salt Lake, surprise surprise, for the whole weekend but plans got switched up so we ended up just going for the day on Sunday. We made it for church, stopped shortly at a friends open house baby shower (her twin girls were born 10 weeks early!!! And they only had to be in the NICU for 4 weeks! They were going home Sunday and it was a day to celebrate answered prayers and healthy preemies!) After that my BFFs (Laurie and my daughter) went to Trader Joe’s.  We snack a lot at our house and if we aren’t going to go totally raw, vegan, organic, vegetarian, live etc. we could atleast find some healthier versions of our favorite tasties.  And we did. And I even stayed in my budget. SO THERE…NO ONE!  We went back to Laur’s after that to chill and chill we did! Follow that up with dinner at the parents and, possibly the most exciting part, picking up and taking our big niece home with us, and you’ve got yourself a pretty freakin’ sweet Sunday.  🙂

Oh, what’s that you ask? What did we do with our free time in Logan?  I’m so glad you asked. Not really. We didn’t do anything. It was glorious but not really blog-post worthy.  I will mention that Penny let us sleep until 11:00. Boom.  🙂

and a photo for good measure.


this was for a father’s day gift that turned out like sickeningly sweet, if I do say so myself! 😉

Monday: Weekend recap

Wow. What a great weekend. I am, once again, so so very very grateful (grateful) for my in-laws and that we get along SO well!  I love my brother and sister-in-law and I love my sister-in-law’s sister too! 

It was my brother-in-law’s birthday so we took over their house for the weekend. That’s what Nate wanted for his birthday. Probably. 

Saturday morning Chase took the little kook (who refused to nap) so that I could sleep in.  Then we lounged about for a bit. THEN we got to enjoy a picnic in the park.  It was a lovely day (in the shade.)  There were video games discussed, bought and played amongst the boys, of course.  The girls got to discuss may a topic. Mainly Asian vs Latin culture and motherhood.  And we got to dig into a delicous ice cream cake, assembled by Breana, my ever-so-lovely and accomodating sister-in-law.  OH, and Penny got to practice her walking with her new best friend, lion-on-wheels. She would take a couple of steps and then look over to us with a big, proud smile on her adorable lil’ face. She is SO ready to get this walking thing down! *tear*



The little niece


best friends/cousins


sister of sister-in-law or “Aunt Jenna” as she is more commonly known.



Sunday we spent some time with our besties, L&K.  Rented a movie and ate some goodies. L even made me a strawberries and cream cheese grilled pocket sandwich thing. It was every bit as good as it sounds! And Chases xbox 360 won’t play and discs anymore so he hasn’t been able to game online with his homies lately. You can only imagine what type of heaven he was in this weekend.  


A thought from a preview…

My last post was a quickie. Just a few thoughts that I didn’t have the chance to elaborate on at the time. Here is one of those thoughts that needs elaborating riiiiiiiiiight now.

The United States Breastfeeding Committee has officially declared that August is National Breastfeeding month! As a breastfeeding mama, I’m all for that!

As a woman who feels like she had no other option than to breastfeed even when it was a terrifying stress fest, I am even more for THIS: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/01/i-support-you-breastfeeding-_n_3685881.html 

In case I somehow screwed up getting that link in here, it’s a story on the Huffington Post about how 3 blogger mamas came together to start a movement called “I Support You” It’s all about how mamas need to support other mamas no matter how they are choosing to feed their babies.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always had an absurdly amazing support system in my husband, mom, mom-in-law, sister-in-law, best friend and the list goes on and on. But when I first started nursing it did not come naturally, it was not a bonding experience, it was not enjoyable in the slightest.  Without going on and on about it, after the first couple of weeks of pain (way past the point of ‘sore’), 2 sessions with a lactation consultant, hand-expressing, pumping, nipple shields etc. I was in almost a constant state of anxiety and I dreaded nursing, which is just no bueno when it’s almost a 24/7 job.  All I wanted at that point was for someone, ANYONE, to say “It’s okay if you don’t like breastfeeding. You can give your kid formula. It’s okay.”  But what mom wants to admit that they’re ready to ‘give up‘?  Long story short…ish, we ended up figuring it out and we breastfeed now with the occasional pumped milk and a little formula thrown in there every now and then.

My point is that this is a wonderful, much-needed way to unite mothers (and families). We need to be there for each other and understand that each and every one of us is unique and has a different experience and is working under a different set of circumstances and IT’S OKAY!  One thing I have learned while on my parenting journey, there is more than one right way to do it! I’m sure I’ll learn this over and over again as I raise my baby girl.

This story made me tear up more than once. Here is an especially touching and relatable part:

We are standing together, and we’re asking you to stand up with us. You, at the La Leche League meeting. You, in the lactation consultant’s office, perfecting your newborn’s latch. You, in the Nordstrom’s dressing room, nursing quietly on the couch. You, at your older son’s baseball game, nursing openly in the bleachers. You, who have cried rivers of tears over your feeding choices, and you, who chose without fear.

I support you.

You, in your hospital gown, asking the nurses for formula. You, shaking a bottle with one arm while your baby snuggles close in the other. You, who have researched the healthiest, most tummy-friendly formulas. You, who pump and mix and combo-feed. You, who have cried rivers of tears over your feeding choices, and you, who chose without fear.

I support you.

You, with your partner, as you feed the baby that you are hoping to adopt. You, who had a mastectomy and are locking eyes with new life. You, who chose your mental health, or your physical health, or your freedom, or your lack of freedom, so that you could feed your baby in a way that protected both of you. You, the Daddy who is finger-feeding your infant. You, the Mommy who lovingly pours formula into a G-Tube. You, at the NICU, pumping your breasts by the light of the machines that are keeping your baby alive. You, with the foster child who you are loving back to health. We see you. You are a part of this conversation too.

We support you.